• Key Concepts

    Big population of 200,000 within a 5 km radius, providing abundant workforce

    Easily Accessible – Located along National Road 3

    Water purification system equipped to produce clean potable water

    24hrs guard surveillance and patrol

    Access Controls at every Exit and Entrance of the development

  • Modeled after an integrated lifestyle concept, Le Urban Eco Park is a new mixed-use development just 15 minutes drive away from Phnom Penh International Airport. We conceptualized our park with the vision of green living and self-sustainability, aspiring to cultivate its own ecosystem, where residents can live, work, and play.

    We based our township design on these few key concepts, whereby,

    • 30% of the entire development is green space
    • Wastewater is recycled and used for the greenery
    • Buildings and structures are designed to save power and energy
    • Factories are certified with green industrial building Gold Certification which is certified by Singapore BCA


    Le Urban Eco Park 以综合生活方式概念为蓝本,是一个新的综合开发项目,距离金边国际机场仅 15 分钟车程。 我们以绿色生活和自我可持续发展的愿景来构思我们的公园,渴望培育自己的生态系统,让居民可以在这里生活、工作和娱乐。


    • 整个开发项目的30%是绿地
    • 废水被循环利用并用于绿化
    • 建筑物和结构旨在节省电力和能源
    • 工厂通过新加坡BCA认证的绿色工业建筑金牌认证
  • As a mixed-used development, Le Urban Eco Park is segmented into 3 wings

    Industrial Wing

    Wide space areas allocated for factories implementation.

    Residential Wing

    Upscale Apartments and Houses brimming with lush greenery and top class facilities.

    Commercial Wing

    Wide array of amenities ranging from residential to commercial shophouses.