Industrial Park

Spanning over 18 hectares of land with up to 100,000 square meter of space, the Industrial Park Wing provides the opportunity for business owners to focus on their business knowing that they are in a safe and secure environment with ample greenery and amenities.

We strongly believe that in order to be constantly ahead of your competitors, it is incredibly important to build and operate sustainably, which in return can save costs and boost profit.

Each of our industrial building at Le Urban Eco Park is designed to significantly reduce energy usage. We envisage that industries and businesses that move to the park will adopt similar environmental standards set by us to continuously promote responsible industrial development.

Our goal is to improve the economic performance of the participating companies while minimizing their environmental impacts. We believe that this approach starts with the emphasis of green design in our park infrastructure; cleaner production, pollution prevention; energy efficiency; and inter-company partnering. We also continuously seek for benefits for neighboring communities to assure that the net impact of its development is positive.

The industrial wing also consists of hostels, canteens and resting areas for the workers & staffs.

Our park management service also provides a one-stop service solution for administrative and setting up of business/factories.
Additional services such as company tax advise, human resource recruitment and management are also available if needed.

We strive to be recognised as an exemplar for future developments across the capital, throughout Cambodia and around the world.